Welcome to my little piece of the internet!  My names Edel healy, also known as “A Dash”, I’m 25 but still like to act like I’m 19. I’m as Irish as they come and yes, I am a “Galway Girl” – thank’s for that Ed. I recently uprooted my entire life to the complete other side of the world and am now living in my new favourite city – Melbourne, Oz.

Things you can expect from me – coffee, gin, wine, lots of food reviews (I bloody love my food), mainly denim and leather ensembles with the occasional floral dress throw in, plenty of travel posts from every corner of the world and if you follow me on twitter then you will hear me bang on about rugby a lot!

I like to say it how it is much to the dismay of a few but most seem to mind me thankfully!

Here’s hoping you will stick around for the ride!

Gotta “Dash” (see what I did there?),

Edel x