Style Diary – Contrasting Colours: Orange Cropped Sweater & Striped Blue Shirt

“It takes nothing to join the crowd. It takes everything to stand alone.” – Hans F. Hansen

Hello Lovelies! This week’s second look couldn’t be further from the first one. My first look of this week was dark and lacked colour but I loved it anyways. This one is very much the opposite but again, I love it. I never usually wear many bold colours and certainly didn’t have anything orange in my wardrobe before purchasing this jumper but I just loved this shade and how it “popped”. I picked this cropped sweater up while I was in London for work last week, I was instantly drawn to the colour of it. It has a beautiful rich mustardy, burnt orange hue.

At first, I had planned on pairing it with all black but then I remembered I had picked up this blue & white striped, peplum shirt in Penny’s and thought that the contrast between the two would be nice. I always love mixing contrasting colours, be it orange and blue, red and green or purple and yellow.. it makes your outfit that bit more striking. Their alternating lengths work so well together too, meaning the jumper just sits on top of the shirt’s peplum.

These runners are the newest to my ever going collection (you can see my current shoe wishlist here) and guess where they’re from? None other than “Penny’s hun”. I have a similar pair of Adidas and honestly they are on par with each-other in terms of comfort.I love their metallic finish that makes them look a lot more expensive than their €18 price tag. They also come in a gorgeous black version, I’m seriously contemplating getting both!


Cropped Sweatshirt – Here

Blue & White Striped Shirt – Penny’s €11 (Similar Here)

Navy Jeans – Here (Also available in Design House Barna, Galway)

Metallic Trainers – Penny’s €18 (Similar Here)

Bag – Here

Sunglasses – Here

As always, don’t be shy to connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat (adashoflime). One more sleep until the weekend, we’re nearly there guys! Even though I plan on doing sweet all this weekend and taking it extremely easy, I’m still dying for it to arrive. I’ve been a bit “all-go” lately which I love, but I’m definitely looking forward to putting my feet up with a cuppa tea (bucket of wine) come Friday evening! 😀

Gotta Dash,

Edel x


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