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Hi Guys,

I’m finally back after a very extended and completely unintentional hiatus from blogging! Let’s just say the festive season got the better of me..

My first post back is one that I always enjoy doing – yeap, I’m back with another wishlist and shopping guide for all those transitional pieces you’ll need to get you from one season into the next. Is it just me or in January does anyone else feel the over consuming need to treat themselves and buy lots of new things? I certainly do anyways! This month has the tendency to be that little bit bleak, what with everyone attempting “Dry January” or sticking to their “New Year, New Me” resolutions, January can be, well, boring! What’s the cure for boredom you ask? Why, shopping of course!! 😉 

January can also be a long and tough month in fashion terms. Most shops are still full of sale rails with stock you’re sick of seeing and the new season is yet to arrive. It can make treating yourself that bit difficult! Fear not though because I’ve gone ahead and picked out some of my favourite pieces from an online store that I’ve only recently discovered and already love – Stylewe. They sell beautiful boutique, designer pieces at an affordable prices. They have a blog where you can check out how to style all of their different pieces..great for that #OOTD inspo! To see the designers they stock and their fashion shows you can also take a look at their youtube.


Knitwear & Tops

StyleWe Knitwear 2016

Trousers & Skirts

StyleWe Bottoms Wishlist 2016


stylewe dresses 2016
Any pieces taking your fancy? I’ve already added the cropped flared trousers and a few of the knits to my basket! Someone hand me some self control please! I hope you’re all having a lovely and relaxed Sunday. I’m gonna close the laptop soon, make a cuppa and chill out for the evening 🙂
Gotta Dash,
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