Style Diary – Breton Stripe & Baker Boy Hat

Hey Guys!

I’m writing today’s post from the comfort of my bed while the rain hails down outside. Is there anything cosier than being wrapped up inside listening to the rain coming down? I’ve a few days off work this week and instead of doing too much I decided to take it really easy and actually have a break. I’ve used all of the rest of my holidays so far this year for trips away which of course was amazing but it also means I haven’t really stopped and chilled out for awhile so that’s what this week is intended for. Sometimes it’s important to just stop and take a minute (or a few days) for yourself 🙂 We can’t be “all go” all the time! There’s a few things I’m hoping to get done in the few days off and at the top of the list is to do the dreaded wardrobe switch. As I’ve said many times I’m not a huge Summer dresser so I don’t have too much stuff to put away but still, it’s a task I don’t look forward to. I do, however, look forward to digging out all of my favourite knits and coats. 







One of my favourite go to pieces and wardrobe staples are my many striped tops. I have a slight addiction to the ones we sell in Design House Barna, they’re from the french brand Armor Lux. They’re 100% cotton so the quality in them is amazing and they are the perfect weight for summer or layered up in the colder months. They’re such a handy transitional piece to get you from one season to another!

One of my favourite accessories will always be hats and I’m obsessed with this latest purchase although I have to admit I’ve ad more negative comments about it than compliments so far! Lets just say my friends and family are never ones to be shy of being brutally honest about their opinions but I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂 If you like it then just bloody wear it!

Outfit Details

Breton Stripe Top – Armour Lux

Baker Boy Hat – ASOS

Black Skinnies – River Island

Black Military Style Coat – Zara (Similar Here)

Gotta Dash,

Edel x





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