Travel Diary – Day Trip To Sausalito


Located in Marin County, Sausalito is an idyllic seaside town that boasts the most amazing views looking across onto San Francisco Bay, it’s two bridges and Alcatraz. Our bestie that lives in San Francisco, Sara Kate kept insisting we go there on a day that was nice but we never got around to it until our second last day when she drove us there herself, making sure we didn’t miss out.  She was determined that we got there and I now know why. The place is a little piece of paradise.




We drove over the bridge from San Francisco but you can also get the ferry or if you fancy it you can cycle across the bridge and keep going to Sausalito. It was the 5th of July when we went so after our weekend of fun, none of us were jumping at the thought of another cycle but it’s meant to be amazing if you can muster up the energy. The town itself is quite small but is made up of the most beautiful marina which is home to hundreds of luxury yachts and boats, a gorgeous boardwalk along the seaside and lots of cute shops and restaurants.




As it’s outside of San Francisco it’s almost guaranteed to have better weather and hotter temperatures due to them having less fog so it’s the ideal spot for a day trip. There’s also a man made beach that is meant to be beautiful but we didn’t manage to get there on the time!



We stopped off for food in one of the many restaurants looking out onto the bay, Bridgeway Cafe. It was heart attack on a plate kinda stuff, but in the best possible way. So bad but so good.







Seriously, why walk though?

Our next stop, because we clearly hadn’t ate enough, was for ice-cream from Lapperts. With our ice cream in hand we went for a stroll down by the marina and had a good gawk at all the insane boats. I always love looking at the names people choose for their boats. My favourite was definitely “Why Walk” because to be fair if you owned this beauty would you really every walk anywhere?



Seaplane for three please!!



We fitted in some more house spotting on the way home before crossing back over the bridge to San Francisco. As the end of the day was drawing near we headed in the direction of our last spot, Baker Beach for one last look at the greatness that is the Golden Gate Bridge.

Can you tell yet that San Fran has my heart? I promise the posts are coming to a close soon, there was just so much to write about!


Driving Miss Daisy herself…Less than three months until the reunion!! 🙂

Anyone else overwhelmingly delighted tomorrow is Friday? I definitely am!

Have a great weekend!

Gotta Dash,

Edel x


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