Travel Diary – A Day At The Vineyards, Napa Valley, California.


Hey Guys,

How glorious is this weather we’re getting? 30 degrees heat is something we are not used to here in Ireland! These warmer temperatures had me dreaming all day of being back among the vines in Napa, so much so I said I’d finally get around to posting about it šŸ™‚ For anyone who follows me on snapchat orĀ InstagramĀ (@adashoflime) or if you know me at all for that matter, then you’ll know that I’m not exactly shy when it comes to professing my love for wine. From the very first evening we decided we were going to San Francisco, both of us immediately said that there was absolutely no way in hell that we were going that far without visiting the infamous wine country.Ā 




We researched wine tour after wine tour from bus to limo but none of them really grabbed us. We decided we would wait until we got to San Francisco and we would ask some locals for their advice on the best way of really experiencing Napa. Of course, being Irish we got talking to a woman in the queue at the airport who had lived in San Francisco most of her life and she told us to just use the public transport to get to Napa, pick a few vineyards that we thought we would like & just taxi (or uber) it from one to the other. So that’s exactly what we did! There are so many ways of getting to Napa but the route we took was as follows:

San Francisco -> Napa Valley

  • FerryĀ from San Francisco Ferry Building to Vallejo
  • Vine BusĀ route 11 from Vallejo to Downtown Napa and then route 1 to Napa Town

Most guide books and information online that we read said it would take about 1.5 hours to get from San Francisco to Napa but we found it was really 2 and a bit so make sure to give yourself plenty of time! Once we got to Napa Town it was plain sailing.




The village of Napa itself is quite small but what it lacks in size it makes up for in character. Old fashioned cottages converted into ice- cream parlours can be seen on most corners and of course there are no shortage of wine bars and restaurants. The vineyard we had chosen to spend the day at had their picnic license which meant we could bring our own food to enjoy so before heading there we popped into theĀ Oxbow MarketĀ to pick up some sandwiches. It was a small bit pricey ($14 for a sandwich) but it really was absolutely devine!



With our sandwiches in tow we hopped in our uber and headed straight forĀ our destination of the day,Ā William Hill Winery. We decided because we were only there for the day that we didn’t want to waste time going from one to another and to use our time more wisely.. ie. sitting and drinking.It’s worth noting that you have to make reservations at least an hour in advance in order to actually be served wine in Napa (its a law!) so make sure you’re nice and organised to avoid disappointment.






We arrived and were instantly taken aback from the views..who knew vines could be so pretty? We found two deck chairs and an umbrella (very important for said pasty Irish girl) ordered a bottle of Sauvignon and sat ourselves down for the following few hours. The only way to describe it was as complete and utter bliss. It was the last full day of our holidays and what a way it was to spend it. There are fewer things in life better than sitting with your best friend, looking out at beautiful vineyards, drinking good wine and reflecting on the holiday of a lifetime. Cheesy I know, but true all the same.





We both agreed that next time (because there will most definitely be a next time) we would come and stay in Napa for a few days so we could fit in a few more vineyards and see a little more. We fitted in so well, it was hard to leave it behind after only a few hours. We bought some vino to bring home and headed back for the city to spend our last night in San Francisco.


Dress –Ā Here, Leather Jacket –Ā Here, Belt –Ā Here.

Cheers to a fantastic holiday!

Gotta Dash,

Edel x




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