Travel Diary – London Part 1 // Meeting Robbie Williams



Hey Guys,

I’m finally getting around to write these London posts, bold I know, but truth be told I think I’m only fully(ish) recovered now! So where to begin? Well, if you follow me on snapchat (username: adashoflime) then you might remember that back in March, my partner in crime, Eadaoin got me the best birthday present of tickets to see The Vogue 100 Show in London. As you can imagine, I was pretty thrilled, I’ve always had a soft spot for London so going on a spontaneous girls weekend there was a very welcomed plan. We went from a Friday to a Sunday and we managed to fit in an impressive amount of activities!






First up on the Friday morning was to check into our home for the weekend. Eadaoin found these amazing apartments that were located in Lancaster Gate (pretty damn central) and were reasonable priced. We went for a studio room because we hadn’t planned on spending much time there but it was actually much more spacious than we had anticipated. There was absolutely everything we could have wanted and needed! If you’re heading to London soon I would definitely check them out here.


After check-in we were pretty starving so it was off to lunch we went. We headed to The Ivy Chelsea Garden which was fab, so fab indeed that I’m going to dedicate an entire post to it, so more on that later!


With our bellies filled it was time to set off into town. First stop – Harrods! We started on the fragrances, on to the bags, into the food hall, up to the gift shop, through women’s fashion, into men’s but the real fun started when we reached my favourite floor home to the “SUPER BRANDS”, essentially the highest of the high haute couture. I gasped, I sighed and I very nearly cried. It’s honestly like walking through a museum except the pieces on show aren’t old, they’re brand sparkling new, outrageously beautiful and the best part is you can actually touch them!! We wandered around through the marble mazes of stunning designers until we were genuinely light-hearted and couldn’t torture ourselves any longer.

We made our way back down to the bottom floor and were searching for the exit that would bring us out closest to the nearby Zara when who did we walk past other than ROBBIE WILLIAMS!! I honestly nearly lost my life. There he was just walking around like a normal person among the normal folk? Okay, granted he had a security guard and a personal shopper with him but still! We had walked passed him when Eadaoin insisted we would regret it if we didn’t at least ask for a photo and I knew she was 100% right but I also knew there wasn’t a notion I was going to be able to get any words out in his presence! So the task fell purely to the bestie. Thanks Eadaoin!!


…I mean? And the sad thing is, he’s actually better looking in person! Oh and he’s going grey and of course it suits him so yes, Robbie is now a silver fox on top of everything else! To say we were star struck and generally just in a state of shock for the following hours would be an understatement. We managed to squeeze in a bit of shopping afterwards but our heads were so fried from the whole encounter that we were pretty much in an other world!


We were in diare need of a sugar rush, quee Ben’s Cookies to the rescue. One word – Devine! Following the sugar rush was of course the need for a wine fill so we headed back to the apartment to have a few glasses and get ready for the night ahead!


Bodysuit – Here, Wide Leg Trousers – Sfizio, Heels – Here



First stop of the night was The Red Gallery  in Shoreditch to see one of my favourite live bands Le Galaxie. They were simply unbelievable! They’re always playing gigs all over Ireland so I honestly couldn’t recommend going to see them enough if they’re playing near you. After the gig we knew we weren’t quite finished with the night so we headed onto the well known club, Fabric. We enjoyed a good boogie and lasted for another few hours before admitting defeat at 5.30am, we didn’t quite have the 7am closing time finish left in us after our jammed packed day so we jumped in the first black cab we saw and made our way home to our very welcoming looking beds!

Day 1 – Success!

Stay tuned for our Part 2 adventures coming soon!

Gotta Dash,

Edel x


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