The List – January ’16

The Edit - January
Hey Guys!
Happy New Year to all you lovelies! I’m finally back after my mini blogging hiatus! After a long month of catching up with family and friends, which of course also entailed having one or two many glasses (bottles) of wine, I’ve decided to join the masses and make an attempt at “Dry January”..(attempt = key word!!). In order to keep myself busy I’ve been delving into books and blogs and everything in between to occupy myself and compiled a list of it all here to share with you! So currently I’m…

Reading… Irish Bitches Be Crazy by Emma Comerford

Let’s be honest..we are kinda crazy?! I received this book as a present from my aunt for Christmas and it is brilliant. It’s the kind of book you can just pick up, flick through and have a little laugh to yourself. Subjects include; “The Funeral Coat”, “Famous Nuns” and “Warty Nora”. Definitely a must read if you’re in need of banishing the January blues!

Buy it here.

Listening to… Grey Tickles. Black Pressure by John Grant.

I just love John Grant, he’s phenomenal. I bought my dad his latest album on vinyl as part of his Christmas present but it was quite a selfish present seeing as my whole family are obsessed with him, especially my nine year old sister who has been known to be heard singing the lyrics to “GMF”, (if you know this song then you’ll understand why its a funny song choice for a nine year old!). If you don’t know of him then do yourself a favour and get listening, he’s brilliant. And if you really like what you hear, he’s playing in Galway at the end of the month! I can’t wait!

Buy the album here.

Watching… Making A Murderer

Now unless you’ve been living under a rock, I shouldn’t need to tell you about this Netflix documentary. I’ve unfortunately finished it but it was truly incredible and not exactly in a good way. If you haven’t watched it then stop what you are doing right now and start what is a ten-part, emotional roller-coaster.

Lusting for… Dior Sunglasses

I don’t think these need explaining but they definitely need saving for! Time to change that gin fund into a super pretty sunglasses fund.

Buy them here.

Admiring… Claire Chanelle 

She is fast becoming my favourite blogger and ultimate girl crush. She’s the founder of Chouquette the blog, her own styling company and also has years of experience as a Fashion Specialist in Harrods. In short, she’s the original girl boss while also being very real and down to earth. Her looks are “goals” worthy and her snaps are hilarious. Be sure to follow her on @iamchouquette on both instagram and snapchat so you can understand what I’m talking about.

Looking Foward To…Venice

27 days until myself and five other wine and tapa’s loving ladies land in Venice, but who’s counting? Me!! I’m so excited, I’ve always wanted to go to Venice for as long as I can remember so I’m thrilled to finally be going. I’ve been reading reviews and guides on what’s best to do and where to go while there but I would love to hear from you if you had any recommendations? Especially any hidden gems off the beaten track!


I’m so delighted tomorrow is finally the weekend! Hope you all enjoy yours to the fullest!

Gotta Dash,

Edel x





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