ITWBN Cocktails Night at The Harbour Hotel

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I mentioned in my most recent post that I was going to be attending a cocktail night in The Harbour Hotel last Friday. It was organised by the ITWBN masterminds, Saibh and Sinead. Into The West Blogger Network  is an organisation that was set up for Irish bloggers so they can get to know each other and come together to share their blogging experiences and tips. It was my first time attending one of their events, so truth be told I was quite nervous beforehand but once I got there and met everyone, my nerves weren’t long fading (the cocktails may have helped with this too!). It was amazing to be able to sit down and talk to fellow bloggers ( Aisling – The Super Fit Foodie, Dolores – The Holistic Mummy, Sinead- Skindividual, Mags – Magstyle and Sarah – Siren And Soul, to name but a few!) because they understand any blog related worries or troubles you may have. They’ve been there and they get it. It was also hugely motivating because you see and hear all the brilliant things they’re achieving through their blogs and you start to think well what’s stopping me from doing that?

  The Harbour Hotel were kind enough to have us and boy, did they treat us well. We had our own mixologist, Simon, who really is a dab hand at making delicious cocktails. There was a full, fun menu to choose from, but me being the gigantic gin lover that I am, couldn’t say no to a classic martini (or three).  We were told we were going to be brought out some finger food, but the trays of mouth watering to even look at, array of food they brought out was far from the expected cocktail sausages I had in mind! The chef, Gary Meehan came out of the kitchen and was kind enough to explain the platters to us. It was all so tasty. I’m still struggling to decide what my favourite part was- was it the crab meat and chilli with a coriander and lime alioli wrapped in cucmber, or was it the amazing slider burgers with brie and bacon which were all locally sourced, or was it the mini goats cheese tartlet’s with a red onion marmelade? Honestly. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it all again!

I was so impressed by everything the staff did for us, they went above and beyond to ensure we had an enjoyable night and seeing as its less than a five minute walk to town, I’ll definitely be making sure myself and the girls go there some night soon for some pre-club cocktails! They also run cocktail demonstrations which you can pre-order for as little as €10 per person which would be a brilliant start to any night! All in all, it was a fantastic night and I’m thrilled I went. I’m already looking forward to the next ITWBN event which is in September. I couldn’t recommend going to these events enough, they really inspire you and give you a new found blogging “buzz”!

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