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To say I am Instagram obsessed would be the understatement of the year. Any chance I get I find myself scrolling through it. It’s the perfect place to find inspiration for anything, be it ; fashion, travel, interiors, meals, you name it! In fact I find it quite dangerous at times because it can lead to me “needing” something I see.

Here are me top Instagram must-follow accounts:

1. Coffee’n’Clothes



Just as the name implies this account posts pictures of my two favourite thing. Expect style and skinny lattes.

2. People Walking Past Walls

I only just discovered this account but I already love it. Different people in different locations from every corner of the world. Use the hashtag #peoplewalkingpastwalls to be in with a chance of being featured.

3. Francesco

This account will basically leave you with cravings and lots of them.

4. I Have This Thing With Floors

Oh so many pretty tiles.

5. Hippie Hippie Milkshake

This woman is just effortlessly cool.

6. 5 Inch And Up

This blogger’s shoe collection will leave you in tears.

7. Something Navy

Mega babe Arielle’s wardrobe and constant travels have me envious on a daily basis.

8. The Lane

Essentially wedding heaven.

9. Victoria Tornegren

This gorgeous blogger just feeds my ever growing want to be Swedish.

10. Retro Flame


Expect great style with NYC backdrops from this Kerry native.

11. Nick Olsen Interiors

This account is my favourite interior’s find, love his style!

12. Happily Grey

This girl is perfect, she makes looking good look like child’s play.

13. Anouska Proetta Brandon


Anouska is one of Ireland’s leading bloggers and is the queen of perfectly placed photographs.


Who are your favourites? I’m constantly on the search for new accounts to follow so I’d love to hear your suggestions. Oh and don’t forget to check out my instagram here. 😄



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