Weekend Away- Granada, Spain


As I already mentioned I went away to Spain last month. For the majority of the holiday, I stayed in my family’s favourite place- Nerja, but seeing as we always go there, we decided it would be nice to brake the trip up by visiting another city near by for a couple of days in between.

We had heard amazing things about Granada and seeing as it was only an hour away, we quickly decided that’s where we would be spending our weekend.



We arrived around midday on the Saturday and checked into the lovely Portago Urban Hotel. We couldn’t get over how central the location was. We put on our walking shoes and spent the day pottering around the little hidden streets and looking at all the beautiful buildings the city has to offer. The whole atmosphere and feel of the place really reminded me of Paris.




One of the first places we wanted to see was the Cathredal. Almost every inch of the place is covered in gold, it’s absolutely amazing. When we emerged from the Cathedral, we came across a wedding party who were emerging from a smaller church, attached to the Cathedral. Naturally, I had to stay and take as many photos as possible. The bride was stunning and her dress was out of this world. The Spanish love their style and all the women were dressed in bold colours, statement jewellery and furs. The flowergirl’s outfit was beautiful and I noticed she was carrying a doll, who even had on a matching dress and cape to hers. So cute.



After all our exploring, we had built up quite the hunger (and thirst), so we spent the rest of the day going from Tapa’s bar to Tapa’s bar. In true Spanish form, we returned to our hotel later in the evening for a siesta or as I like to call it a “disco nap”. We then headed back out for dinner and drinks and of course, eventually, found ourselves in an Irish bar.

We had a brilliant time and all agreed that we couldn’t ever imagine being in Nerja again without taking a visit up to Granada. From shopping to architecture to atmosphere to nightlife to culture and La Alahambra, you could never be short of things to see or do. I’m already looking forward to my next trip back!



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