Hi Guys, I’m finally back after a very extended and completely unintentional hiatus from blogging! Let’s just say the festive season got the better of me.. My first post back is one that I always enjoy doing – yeap, I’m back with another wishlist and shopping guide for all those transitional pieces you’ll need to get you from one… View Post

Everyone knows that January is one of, if not the gloomiest months of the year and that means one thing, pick-me-ups and plenty of them. And by pick-me-up, I of course mean shopping. I’m going to Venice next week so my recent shopping has all been about relaxed casual pieces that are warm yet stylish. Simply click on the pictures… View Post

Hey Guys! I’m back with some of my favourite pieces that are available on the high-street at the moment. Some of you will know I formerly called this my “Monday Must Haves” post but I’ve given it the new, improved and appropriate name of “Currently Craving”. There is SO much stuff I want at the moment and everyday I seem… View Post