Hey Guys!

I guess I should start this post by saying Happy St. Patricks day to everyone far and near! I love that even though its an Irish celebration, it’s enjoyed by people all over the world..We’re just so lovable sure! 🙂 Speaking of love, lets talk about my new designer inspired denims. I am completely and utterly starry eyed for them (pun completely intended). I have been eyeing up the original Stella McCartney ones for months so I honestly couldn’t believe my luck when I saw these high street babies. Did I mention they were less than €35?  View Post


Happy Saturday everyone! I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy for a weekend to come around (okay I probably have but I’m all for the dramatics). I know it’s just the January blues but every week seems to feel like a month and this freezing cold Irish weather isn’t helping. I mentioned in my last post I was attempting Dry January.. let’s just say it was an absolute fail, when a Friday evening rolls around I just want a well-deserved glass of wine, it can’t be helped! Even though I’ve been giving into the odd vino, I’m still trying to stay in and not go out, so this morning in my unusually fresh (non hungover) state, I headed into town with my sister. We had breakfast in the gorgeous 56 Central before having a look around the shops and shooting this look. View Post


Hey guys! I’m finally getting the chance to introduce to you, what may be my favourite pants ever. I got these amazing culottes in work a couple of months ago at the start of the season but I was keeping them in the wardrobe for a family occasion. After eventually wearing them to that, I was so delighted to be able to wear them more casually.  View Post