Happy Wednesday everyone! To mark making it to the half way point of the week, I’m celebrating with my favourite “W”… a wishlist! I know what you were thinking, and yes there may be a glass of that on the way to me later too, if I’m good! It’s no surprise that I’m back banging on about shoes, they’re always… View Post

Hey Guys! Hope your week is going well. Does anybody else have the “how is it only Tuesday?” feeling? I shouldn’t but do. I had the day off from work which was so nice because I’m never off during the week so it was a welcomed treat. I headed into town with one of the girls and we got some… View Post

Hi everyone, I don’t know if it’s just me but I’m having one of those weeks where even though it’s only Tuesday, it feels like Thursday and everything is just sort of dragging on. I think the weather is definitely a contributing factor (if you’re reading this from outside Ireland then just consider yourself lucky because we are experiencing a… View Post