Hi Guys!

I should first start off by apologising for being such an absentee blogger this past month and welcoming you all back! If you follow me on social media (FacebookTwitterInstagram & Snapchat: @adashoflime) then you’ll know I’m just recently home from two amazing weeks in San Francisco.

Last October, one of our best friends, Sara Kate flew the nest and moved to San Francisco so myself and Eadaoin promised her that no matter what we would visit this summer. Truth be told I was so excited to just see Sara Kate and spend time with the girls that I didn’t actually put much thought into San Francisco as a city itself or have that many expectations for it. Little did I know that I’d fall completely in love with everything about the place. View Post



Hey Guys!

Today’s outfit is an “off duty” look of sorts – it’s basically what you would find me wearing on weekends and time off etc. As much as I would love to be a dress/skirt kind of girl, I’m just so much more comfortable in trousers and denims in particular. I’m becoming more and more a fan of the “Mom” jeans lately, they’re the perfect balance between not too skinny yet still flattering and they still show your shape. I love the fact that they’re high waisted too which means you can tuck a top in or wear them with shorter things like this cropped leather.  View Post


Hey Guys!

I hope you enjoyed part 1 of my London travel diary that I posted at the though it’s time for part 2! After a hectic first day, a late night and a severe lack of sleep we were doing well when we woke on Saturday morning ready for our second day of adventuring. Our first port of call was the part I was most looking forward to – The Vogue 100 Show at The National Portrait Gallery. View Post



Hey Guys,

I’m finally getting around to write these London posts, bold I know, but truth be told I think I’m only fully(ish) recovered now! So where to begin? Well, if you follow me on snapchat (username: adashoflime) then you might remember that back in March, my partner in crime, Eadaoin got me the best birthday present of tickets to see The Vogue 100 Show in London. As you can imagine, I was pretty thrilled, I’ve always had a soft spot for London so going on a spontaneous girls weekend there was a very welcomed plan. We went from a Friday to a Sunday and we managed to fit in an impressive amount of activities! View Post

insta collage

Hey Guys,

Now as most of you will know, I am a complete Instagram addict but as of lately I noticed myself becoming a little less in love with it. I became so obsessed with achieving this perfect, minimal, bloggeresque feed that I found myself getting stressed over what photos I could or couldn’t post, how one photo looked beside another, was there too many landscape versus portrait photos and so on. It might sound ridiculous and a little bit crazy to some but it really started to consume me and I no longer found it any fun. View Post