Hey guys, I’m back with my latest pro-bargain hunting post, and this time I’m focusing on the “IT” bag of the year.. The Chloe Drew bag. I think the phrase “there’s beauty in simplicity” really applies in the case of this gorgeous bag. And of course, like most wardrobe staples, it’s it’s simplicity that adds to it’s wearability and timelessness. Dress… View Post

Hey Guys! Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a complete coffee addict! I would say it’s verging on a problem but I can’t criticise the elixir that keeps me functional, now can I? I’ve been wanting to start a recipes category on the blog for awhile now so I thought what better way than with my favourite go-to… View Post

Hey guys! I told you in my last blog post that last week I was on my holidays from work. I spent most of it in Donegal but I came home on Thursday and went to Cork on Friday to see my all time fav, Chic. Far too many hours spent in one weekend on a bus but it was definitely worth… View Post

Hey everyone! As you may have noticed, I have been very bold these past two weeks and not very consistent with my blog posts! You may have seen on my instagram that I had my holiday from work last week. My family were going to Donegal and I decided to make the most of my time off and go with them. Both… View Post

You’ve probably figured out by now and especially if you follow me on instagram, that I am a complete and utter sunglasses addict. I like to put sunglasses in the same category as bags and shoes, you know.. the you can never have too many category!