I’m not sure if its the inner seven year old in me but I am totally loving this new “Fluffy” trend that seems to be creeping in.  I admit it might be a bit out there and not for everyone but I’m seriously enjoying it. There’s something so fun about it and I think its just the perfect finishing touch… View Post

Hey All! I thought I would do a small post to show you what exactly my “style” entails. Its nothing extravagant! I don’t tend to follow all the trends. I just like to buy items that suits my shape and colouring. I think its really important to learn and buy what is best for you. There are certain trends and… View Post

Welcome to “A Dash Of Lime” My name is Edel Healy, I’m 21, from Galway,Ireland but currently living in Aberdeen, Scotland!   This is where I will be voicing my thoughts on all things fashion related. I hope to include style diaries, OOTD’s, wish lists, trend alerts and also some lifestyle related posts. I’ve always had a love for fashion… View Post