At long last the winter weather has finally decided to show itself. I’m probably of the minority but I relish the cold weather because it means I can get away with dressing in pretty much all black and adding as many layers as I like! View Post


So it’s fair to say I have been more than useless the last few weeks for blogging but with summer coming to an end I am vowing to get back in to it! View Post

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Like every other girl alive, I am completely and utterly shoe obsessed. I will always come up with an excuse to buy another pair and my favourite and most used phrase when buying new shoes is “sure its an investment!”. Which to be fair, it is-you can never have too many pairs of shoes! But for them to be investments you need to know that they are good quality, comfortable and that they will last you and those three things are exactly what you get when you buy a pair of Dune shoes. View Post

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With the coming of June, comes the hopes for that “exam weather” and earlier this week the sun finally decided to make an appearance here in Galway. I was so excited to think I could finally brake into my summer wardrobe, but in typical Irish form it was all very short-lived. So it was away with the shorts and sundresses for another few weeks but I was still determined to try and veer away from my usual all black everything rig-out, even if it was just in the form of a white shirt. I had been on the hunt for the perfect white shirt for months and finally came across this one in New Look. You just can’t beat a classic white shirt, its the ultimate stable piece for your wardrobe. Its so versatile and will carry you from day to night with the simplest of ease.  View Post