Hey Guys!

Happy Friday! I hope you all had a lovely week. Today’s look is pretty much me in an outfit – there’s a few things going on at once as always but I love it. And of course, there’s a touch (a full blazer but sssh) of leopard print. Ye should know by now that my basics are black, denim, metallic and leopard print! The inner Pat Butcher in me will never be suppressed. Never, I tell you!

This week, I took on the almighty challenge of doing a huge wardrobe clearout. I always find them daunting at first but once I get stuck in, I can become quite ruthless. I’m still not fully finished but when I am, I’ll upload everything I’m not keeping to my Depop (@adashoflime). The beauty in clearing out your wardrobe and going through everything, means you rediscover older pieces that you might have forgotten about.

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Hello all you lovely lover’s ūüėČ

It’s definitely no surprise to see me in yet another sweater. Half of my wardrobe must be made up of them by now. I literally live in them and I’m a sucker for anything with a good old slogan on it, so this¬†Mango sweater¬†was an absolute no brainer when I saw it.

It’s simple and so versatile but still makes an impact. It will literally go with anything from a pair of skinnies, to a midi skirt or even over a jumpsuit. You might recognise this jumpsuit from when I wore it to¬†Restaurant 34¬†in¬†Nerja. I loved the leg on this jumpsuit so much and wanted to be able to dress it down so I could wear it more casually and comfortably. I think throwing this slogan sweater over it does exactly that!

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Hi Guys!

I hope you had a not so miserable Monday. I don’t care what anyone says or how much you might love your job – Monday’s are still hard! For once, I actually stuck to my plan of not doing a whole lot as intended and just chilled out for the weekend. It was bliss. If you follow me on¬†Instagram¬†then you might recognise this outfit from last week when I wore it to my brother’s confirmation.

These culottes are probably one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe – they’re just so much fun and well, sassy! Try as I might, most dresses just don’t suit my shape so I’m always more comfortable in separates. I think the day of feeling like you’re not dressed up unless you’re wearing a dress is long gone. I’m always of the opinion that you should wear whatever you like and feel comfortable in, as long as the fit is good. That’s my only rule – get the sizing right and after that throw the rule book to the wind. Fashion is supposed to be fun!! View Post

Hi Guys!

Friday, Friday, Friday..oh am I happy to see you! Last week I only worked two and a half days between the bank holiday Monday and having time off for my brother’s confirmation so this week has felt like a marathon in comparison. I have absolutely no plans for this weekend and I couldn’t be happier about it. Most weekends I would have something on like a friends birthday or a family event etc so I’m looking forward to just coming home this evening, putting my feet up and chilling out.

This look is a combination of old and new pieces in my wardrobe. I’ve had this¬†sleeveless blazer¬†for ages and it’s usually a piece that I wear during the Autumn/Winter but I think paired with this white¬†bell sleeve blouse¬†it works for this time of year. I was doing a big clear out of my wardrobe recently and I rediscovered a few pieces I had forgotten about. Check print is really back on the scene at the moment so I was delighted to find my sleeveless blazer and not have to fork out for something new. I had been eyeing up this¬†checked blazer¬†for a few weeks but my thirst for something checked has thankfully been quenched for now.¬† View Post

Hi Guys,

I hope you are all keeping well! The weekend before last was a bank holiday here in Ireland. Now usually, a bank holiday means one thing and one thing only – a very heavy weekend. When I say heavy, I mean a weekend filled with fun, frolics and of course ones fill of alcohol. As I’m sure most of you know by now, I am pretty much always up for a weekend of antics but this time around I just didn’t have it in me. I was feeling a bit worn out and in need of some R’n’R. Whenever I need a bit of space or time to relax, there’s always one place I know I can go that will help and that’s Ballyconneely. It really is my favourite place in the world. View Post