Hey Guys, Oh here I am, back again, rambling on about food yet again. In my defence, there are probably (most definitely) worse things I could be rambling on about. This time though, is Americas best burrito. And no, I’m not being dramatic, it has actually been given that title, and deservingly so if you ask me. Myself & Eadaoin… View Post

Hey Lovelies! Hope you’re all having a lovely Sunday! I mentioned in my San Fran post that along with all of the hundred and one things there are to do there, there are also a hundred and one AMAZING places to eat. Seriously, I’ve never eaten so much in my life!! One of the best places we went (and we ate out… View Post

Hey Guys! We’re almost there, it’s nearly Friday! Today I’m bringing you with me to I think one of my favourite restaurants I’ve ever been to – The Ivy Chelsea Garden. While I was in London last month (read more about the trip here & here) we tried to fit in as much as possible that we had on our “London Wishlist”..most of those… View Post