Hey Guys,

Oh here I am, back again, rambling on about food yet again. In my defence, there are probably (most definitely) worse things I could be rambling on about. This time though, is Americas best burrito. And no, I’m not being dramatic, it has actually been given that title, and deservingly so if you ask me. Myself & Eadaoin woke up one morning after a night of one too many Moscow Mules and with slightly heavy heads we decided that that day was the perfect day to go and try out these highly acclaimed burritos. Mexican food fixes all sure? View Post


Hey Lovelies!

Hope you’re all having a lovely Sunday! I mentioned in my San Fran post that along with all of the hundred and one things there are to do there, there are also a hundred and one AMAZING places to eat. Seriously, I’ve never eaten so much in my life!! One of the best places we went (and we ate out everyday for 14 days) was most definitely Kate’s Kitchen. If you’re brunching in San Fran, then this is the place for you! View Post


Hey Guys,

How glorious is this weather we’re getting? 30 degrees heat is something we are not used to here in Ireland! These warmer temperatures had me dreaming all day of being back among the vines in Napa, so much so I said I’d finally get around to posting about it 🙂 For anyone who follows me on snapchat or Instagram (@adashoflime) or if you know me at all for that matter, then you’ll know that I’m not exactly shy when it comes to professing my love for wine. From the very first evening we decided we were going to San Francisco, both of us immediately said that there was absolutely no way in hell that we were going that far without visiting the infamous wine country.  View Post


Hey Guys!

We’re almost there, it’s nearly Friday! Today I’m bringing you with me to I think one of my favourite restaurants I’ve ever been to – The Ivy Chelsea Garden. While I was in London last month (read more about the trip here & here) we tried to fit in as much as possible that we had on our “London Wishlist”..most of those included “instafamous” bars and restaurants and at the top of our list was this very sophisticated and altogether British spot. View Post


Venice, Venice, Venice -where to begin? It really is a magical city that no picture can ever truly capture. For as long as I can remember, Venice has always been one of those places that I’ve always looked at and thought “Wow, I need to go there sometime”, so one night after looking at one too many Italian- related instagrams, I thought that sometime needed to become soon so I sent out a group text to some of my favourite ladies and the rest was history.  View Post