I’ll start this post by making a very bold statement – If you’re in Nerja, you simply cannot not go here. In other words, you would be crazy to miss out on the experience of dining at Restaurant 34. And that’s exactly what it is – an experience. From the second you step into Restaurant 34, you know that you are in a place of sheer luxury. No matter how many times I have been here, each time I am still taken back by it’s decadence and opulence. Nerja has no shortage of beautiful restaurants from quaint, authentic tapas bars to more modernised ones but this place tops them all, every single time. Having been here before and coming on holidays with another nine ladies, I just knew I had to bring them here. I was so sure that they would love it as much as me that I went ahead and booked the restaurant three months in advance. View Post


Hey Guys!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend! I attended a ball with lots of my friends and family (nearly 30 of us in total) so I was a little worse for wear the past two days but I’m starting to feel human enough to get cracking on blog work again! I’ll be doing a full post on all the details of the ball in the next few days so keep your eyes peeled…

For today’s post though, I’ll be talking all things wine and charcuterie related. It’s no secret that I have a very deep love for both wine and cheese (in no particular order) so I’m surprised at myself for not doing this post sooner! One of my favourite things to do is to go out with the girls for a few glasses of wine and share a meat and cheese platter along with all of our news. These few glasses generally tend to turn into a few bottles but that’s neither here nor there 🙂 Galway has so many amazing restaurants, that I think it’s time I started to show them the love they deserve here on adashoflime.net so I thought where better to start, than with some of my favourite places for that perfect sharing platter!  View Post



A day filled with craic, culture, good food & wine..sounds perfect right? That’s why I was absolutely delighted to have been invited back to attend this years Campo Viejo Tapa’s Trail. Last year myself & my best friend Vicky attended and when I told her this year I had been invited back, she told me quite frankly under no circumstances was I allowed invite anyone else, so I think that will tell you how much you she enjoyed last year’s event too!

This year’s trail included four amazing well known Galway eateries; The House HotelBiteclub56 Central and Cava Bodega.


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Brunching has definitely got to be one of my favourite things to do, mainly because when you talk about it, it sounds more like an activity rather than what it is – eating, and lots of it. It’s a civilised way of saying I’m going out at noon for a fry up and bottomless bubbles! That’s why I was over the moon to attend this year’s Midsummer Brunch with Absolut to celebrate the end of another amazingly successful Galway International Art’s Festival. The breakfast come lunch was hosted by ones of Galway’s trendiest eateries – Biteclub. View Post