Brunch at The Farm Cafe.

Everyone should know by now that one of my very favourite things to do, is to go for brunch. All it takes is to have a quick scroll through my  instagram to see that my love of eggs and avocados is pretty obvious. Melbourne doesn’t play around when it comes to brunch – a fact that definitely had an impact on us deciding where in Australia we wanted to live. The options are endless.

I have a list the length of my arm of brunch spots that I want to try and each day I’m adding to it (the downside of being an insa-addict), but the first one we decided to hit was The Farm Cafe.



The all too pretty spot is situated in the surroundings of the beautiful Collingwood Children’s Farm meaning it’s the ideal location for a family with young kids. Alternatively if you’re just big kids like Vicky and myself, then you will enjoy it just as much as the little ones. I mean, food and cute animals, what more could you want? The cafe itself is beautiful. It’s rustic and relaxed vibe has you feeling like you’re a million miles from the city.


When it came to the food, we both really struggled to decide what we wanted, basically because we wanted one of everything on the menu. I settled with the Farmer’s Breakfast and I was not left disappointed. Gourmet sausages, rashers so big they were really more like pork chops, perfectly poached eggs, homemade beans, crispy yet fluffy roast potatoes and toasted sourdough bread with REAL butter! Oh, and let me not forget their homemade relish…delicious! It would actually give Ballymaloe relish a run for it’s money. (If you’re Irish then you will know this is a HUGE statement as Ballymaloe is quite literally the king of relish, and if you’re not Irish or have never heard of it, then you need to make your way to the international foods aisle in Woolworths and pick yourself up a jar ASAP.. you’ll thank me later).

So would I recommend Farm cafe to a friend? 100%.

It has everything you could want for your dream brunch set up – great coffee, tasty, hearty food, a relaxed setting with beautiful surroundings and activities nearby to keep the kids happy should you want to make a day of it!

Now to decide where to check out next!!

Gotta Dash,

Edel x




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