Travel Diary – The Old Spanish Village Amongst The Mountains, Frigiliana

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I’m finally back to a normal(ish) routine after a few days away in Nerja in the south of Spain. If you’ve been following my blog from the start then you’ll know that my grandparents live in Nerja for around half of the year and I’ve been going there since I was 12. I absolutely love it there. I’m going to be doing a separate post on everything you need to know when going to Nerja but for now, I’m going to be talking about the idyllic village situated in the mountains not far from Nerja – Frigiliana…

Frigiliana is honestly such a must-see if you are in the surrounding area. It’s an old Spanish town situated up in the mountains just 7 km from Nerja. The views that can be seen from up there are absolutely breathtaking. The entire town is made up of old cobbled, winding streets. Every house and small building is painted white and all the doors and windows are painted one of ten colours – turquoise, blue, deep purple to name a few. Most balconies and terraces are draped in beautiful brightly coloured flowers. It’s one of the most picturesque places I’ve ever been.

Frigiliana isn’t very big so it won’t take too long to make your way around but it’s full of hills so make sure to wear comfortable shoes. The best way to spend the day is to simply get lost in the winding streets and find your own favourite spot. I’ve been there numerous times and each time I have found a different route up and down. It’s more fun that way. This time around we stumbled across a gorgeous bar with breathtaking views around half way up the mountain, El Mirador. We ordered a few drinks (there was 10 of us so its safer to say a few than disclose the actual amount), basked in the sun and took in the breathtaking views and laughed about the events of the days previous. A pretty perfect afternoon in my books.

Getting There:

  • Buses from Malaga bus station go to Frigiliana every couple of hours with tickets costing from €3-€6
  • Buses depart from the top of Nerja town to Frigiliana every half an hour with tickets costing around €1.50
  • A taxi will bring you from Nerja to Frigiliana for around €12.


With the sun emerging for the weekend I was finally able to wear my navy blue, wrap, ruffle top from Chicwish. It’s no secret I’m a fan of huge sleeves so I instantly fell in love with this when I saw it. I wore it with my patchwork, denim, A-line skirt that I’ve had forever – probably not the most appropriate outfit for hiking up steep hills but it matched all the blue doors and windows 🙂

I’ll have more posts up this week; one, a general travel guide on all the do’s and don’ts when going to Nerja, and another on my all time favourite restaurant. They’re not to be missed!

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