Instagram Inspiration – My Must Follow Fashion Accounts

What would blogger’s do without Instagram? Or more importantly, where would bloggers be without Instagram? Other social media platforms may come and go but in my opinion, Instagram is definitely the go to platform for those trying to gain attraction to their sites. It’s quick, it’s visual and it’s longer lasting than app’s like Snapchat. While Snapchat is great and very interactive, I love Instagram because it’s that bit more permanent. You can scroll back through years of your favourite blogger’s posts and it serves almost as an album.

I use Instagram, of course, to showcase my own photographs and veer attention towards my own website but mainly, I use Instagram for my own personal enjoyment. I am constantly on it. I use it as a moodboard for all my fashion wants and wishes. With that in mind, I thought I would share with you guys, my absolute favourite fashion bloggers and their accounts that I am forever getting inspiration from. Hopefully you do to!

1.Christie Ferrari


2. Rosie Fortescue


2. Irish Dijkers // A Dash Of Fash


4. Brittany Xavier // Thrifts & Threads


5. Marina The Moss

6. Pamela Allier


7. Claire Chanelle // I Am Chouquette


8. Sandra Ebert // Black Palms


9. Queen Of Jetlags


10. Joanne Hegarty // The Stylist & The Wardrobe

If I could have a combination of these girl’s wardrobes.. well, I would be one happy puppy. What I also love about all of these girls, is their work ethic. In short, they’re hustlers with killer style! Do you follow any of them? If you have any must have accounts that I haven’t mentioned, please send them my way.. I’m always on the lookout for new instababes with dreamy wardrobes to stalk 😉

Gotta Dash,

Edel x



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