Galway’s Best Spots For All Things Wine & Cheese


Hey Guys!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend! I attended a ball with lots of my friends and family (nearly 30 of us in total) so I was a little worse for wear the past two days but I’m starting to feel human enough to get cracking on blog work again! I’ll be doing a full post on all the details of the ball in the next few days so keep your eyes peeled…

For today’s post though, I’ll be talking all things wine and charcuterie related. It’s no secret that I have a very deep love for both wine and cheese (in no particular order) so I’m surprised at myself for not doing this post sooner! One of my favourite things to do is to go out with the girls for a few glasses of wine and share a meat and cheese platter along with all of our news. These few glasses generally tend to turn into a few bottles but that’s neither here nor there 🙂 Galway has so many amazing restaurants, that I think it’s time I started to show them the love they deserve here on so I thought where better to start, than with some of my favourite places for that perfect sharing platter! 

1. Deli La Tasca, Dominick St.



This wine bar is the real deal. It’s simple, authentic and it’s the closest thing you will get to the real Spanish experience without getting on a plane and actually going there. It has a relaxed and rustic ambience from the Spanish music playing in the background to their paired back interiors. If you are lucky enough, there will often be live music. The food is incredibly tasty, the service incomparable, the servings generous and the price reasonable. If you haven’t been here, then go, honestly you won’t regret it!


 2. Le Petit Pois, Victoria St. 



One of our newer spots, Le Petit Pois, located just off Merchant’s Rd, brings a little piece of French heaven to the East Village of Galway. On entering, the very first thing you will notice is the incredible staff who greet you. They are polite, pleasant and are experts on the food that they serve you. Whether the ingredients used on your plate are from French providers or local suppliers such as Collerans, Sheridans & Le Petit Delice, they are knowledgeable on just about everything. They have an extensive wine menu which they serve both by the glass & bottle. The sharing platter was one of, if not, the very best I’ve ever had. It had all the components needed to add up to perfection. Oh, and they’re not skimpy on the bread baskets, replacing them before you’ve even finished the last one, which is a big thumbs up from me. It’s the little things that make all the difference!


  3. Sheridans CheeseMongers, Church Yard St.



Probably one of the cities most well known joints. When it comes to cheese, Sheridan’s is pretty much an institution here in Galway. Founding brothers, Kevin & Seamus started selling cheese in the Galway Market in 1995 and soon after branched out to other markets around the country before opening their store we all know and love so well on Church Yard St. Located above their store, is where you’ll find the holy grail of wine & cheese bars. There’s nothing quite like getting in from the hustle and bustle of Market St, perching yourself on a high stool by the window and watching the lovely Galway people go by while you enjoy one of their carefully selected boards accompanied by your favourite wine. Tip – ask for extra chutney…it’s out of this world!


  4. Da Robertas, Salthill.



Da Robertas is well known for being Salthill’s busiest restaurant. With people queuing for a table on a Tuesday at 10pm, there’s no denying it’s a favourite of many. It has that lovely, warm, family atmosphere that the Italians emit like no others. Pretty much everything you get in Robertas is bound to be good but to start it always has to be one of their sharing platters. A combination of meats, cheeses, bruschetta, risotto balls, olives and more it’s plain to see you get your money’s worth with this one!


 5. Mona Lisa, Sea Rd.



Mona Lisa had been on my “To Do” list for so long and last week, I finally got to tick it off the list. I had heard such good things and thankfully I was not disappointed. Located down the West End of Galway, they have quickly gathered themselves a great reputation with Italian food lovers. Everyone says the same thing – good, tasty, hearty food & at a reasonable price. The platter we got had a bit of everything and it I have to say, it was seriously tasty. Finishing touches of sun-dried tomatoes, apricot chutney and mushrooms made for one seriously satisfied table. I’ve heard very good things about their pasta dishes too so I’ll definitely be back soon!

So there you have it, my top 5 places for a good glass of wine and side of cheese (and meat, and bread, and chutney, and….) in Galway. Do you agree? Have you been to any of them? I’d love to hear if any of you go or have been and hear your thoughts!

I think I’ll start to do more of these posts in the future, any excuse to go out for food 😉

Gotta Dash,

Edel x





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