Travel Diary – Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe



I’ll warn you from the get go, this post is gonna be a picture heavy one but once you look at the photos you will understand why. While I was in America last month, we were lucky enough to be there for the 4th of July weekend. On that weekend we decided we would take the plunge and drive up to Lake Tahoe. Now when I say we, what I really mean is leave all of the driving to our brilliant and considerably less of a wuss, best friend Sara Kate and leave the annoying singing and car-games to us in the back. We rose early on the Saturday morning (hungover, again- shock, I know!) to come to the conclusion that it was probably best to get out of the city for the weekend so Tahoe was where we headed. On a good day, the drive usually takes around 3 hours but seeing as it was the weekend of the fourth it took a little bit longer.

When we arrived we went in search of a bed – three girls, one car (and a boyfriend who we dumped with the other lads) on a road-trip, on the lookout for a motel…Crossroads eat your heart out?! (Begs being Britney)

We spent the following two nights enjoying all that Tahoe has to offer which is basically casinos, gambling, drinking and beach parties..not half bad right? Brilliant fun but you can understand why my camera didn’t quite make it to these events so I’m afraid the only documentation of those nights are in our minds! Probably all for the better though 🙂






Before we drove home to San Francisco on the Monday we had one place to tick off the list – Emerald Bay. None of us had even ever heard of it until on our last night one of the guys said that we absolutely had to go there before we left Tahoe, and I’m so glad he did. The place is nothing short of spectacular. Lake Tahoe in general is one huge, beautiful, postcard-esque landscape. I’ve never been anywhere where the sun is beaming, its 30 degrees heat, yet when you look across at the mountains, at the very top of their peaks all you can see is snow. It’s truly amazing. I didn’t think Tahoe could get anymore beautiful until we began the accent up towards the viewpoint out over Emerald Bay.





I mean, just look at that view!? See all those tiny white dots? They’re not so tiny boats. I’ve been to some beautiful places in my life but never, ever has somewhere taken my breath away, the way the views of this bay did. It’s out of this world. The photos speak for themselves but the contrast between the piercing blue sea to the hundreds upon thousands of surrounding snow capped alpine trees, it was outstanding.





As beautiful and stunning as I found all of Tahoe & in particular the Bay, we were told that it’s actually even more beautiful during the winter and ski season. I can’t imagine anything improving those views but I guess that just means I’ll have to go back sometime to see for myself. Seeing is believing and all that!

Have any of you ever been? I’d love to hear! Snap me on @adashoflime and let me know! Hope you all have a lovely weekend lovelies!

Gotta Dash,

Edel x


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