Burrito Heaven at La Taqueria, San Francisco.


Hey Guys,

Oh here I am, back again, rambling on about food yet again. In my defence, there are probably (most definitely) worse things I could be rambling on about. This time though, is Americas best burrito. And no, I’m not being dramatic, it has actually been given that title, and deservingly so if you ask me. Myself & Eadaoin woke up one morning after a night of one too many Moscow Mules and with slightly heavy heads we decided that that day was the perfect day to go and try out these highly acclaimed burritos. Mexican food fixes all sure?




We made our way down to the Mission district and made a beeline for our restaurant of choice. La Taqueria is definitely a no frills, rough and ready environment but that only adds to its charm and atmosphere. Known as San Francisco’s “True Original” when it comes to Mexican food, they have been in business for over 40 years so they are definitely well experienced when it comes to dishing out baskets of goodness. Now with any famous establishment like this, you’re gonna have to be prepared to queue for a while but do so knowing the food is absolutely worth every single minute standing.



We both went for their most famous burrito on the menu, their Carnitas (pork) burrito and an extra side of tacos. We were hungover – don’t judge us. What we were served was nothing less than mind blowing. In keeping with the Mexican authenticity they create rice-less burritos which makes every bite a juicy and delicious one.



Okay so it mightn’t be the most photogenic flatlay presented picture of insta-worthy food I’ve ever taken but it certainly was one of the best tasting meals I’ve ever had and by 100 miles the best Mexican! I just told Eadaoin I was writing this post and her response was “I would genuinely consider swimming back for one”… so I think that makes it a winner in her books too!

Best Burrito EVER!

Gotta Dash,

Edel x


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