Travel Diary – London Part 2 // The Vogue 100 Show


Hey Guys!

I hope you enjoyed part 1 of my London travel diary that I posted at the though it’s time for part 2! After a hectic first day, a late night and a severe lack of sleep we were doing well when we woke on Saturday morning ready for our second day of adventuring. Our first port of call was the part I was most looking forward to – The Vogue 100 Show at The National Portrait Gallery.



The exhibition is a celebration of the last 100 years of British Vogue. It showcases the extensive and captivating range of photography that has been commissioned by Vogue since it was founded in 1916. There are hundreds of prints and original collections from the vast Conde Naste archives. The show is running until May 22nd so if you’re in London, I seriously urge you to take the time out and go, it’s amazing! They’re pretty strict on not taking any photos in there but I managed to take one or two before being caught and cautioned. It was worth it though for this shot containing both McQueen & Moss – two of my favourites.


Of course, no trip to a museum or show is complete without a trip to the accompanying gift shop. I managed to have some self control and just bought the Vogue 100 highlights book and some postcards which I plan on getting framed.


Towards the end of the show, the effects of the night before started to appear and we found ourselves leaving in search of some form of grease induced cure. You honestly could not have pictured our happiness when we realised the holy grail of hangover food was just around the corner. Five Guys you did not disappoint! I went for the cheeseburger with endless toppings, five guys style fries and bottomless Diet Coke (all very necessary to beat the impending hangover I was enduring). We managed to wander around for another small while before retiring back to our apartment for a well needed disco nap!


We woke up feeling refreshed and rearing to go. One of the girls from home who now lives in London was calling over that evening so we nipped out and picked up some wine and treats. What had then been planned as “let’s have a few drinks and an early night” soon escalated to ” sure, we can sleep on the plane!”…Terrible, terrible, terrible idea! Remind me to never book a morning flight ever again!

We had a brilliant night in Shoreditch and subsequently managed to sleep through/snooze (we’re still not sure which) all of our alarms and woke up with just over an hour to our flight! AN HOUR!! Sheer panic and despair descended on us as we threw everything in sight in our cases and dashed out the door to our poor uber driver. I say poor uber driver because the poor man had to try and calm us down as we had heart attacks in the back of his car and at the same time speed us to Stanstead. At this point we had just under an hour to get to the airport which he informed us was over an hour away AND check in AND get through security etc etc. To put it short, we were holy shows. We arrived, miraculously with fifteen minutes to take off. We speeded towards check in and were queeing to go through security when I realised my passport wasn’t in my bag…. I thought Eadaoin was going to kill me when we heard a woman shouting my name out and waving my passport in the air. I’d dropped it in all the craziness! Who drops their passport?! I got through security nice and quickly but of course one more thing had to go wrong and Eadaoin got stopped to have her bags checked. At this point she told me to run ahead (it was all VERY dramatic!). I legged it like an absolute lunatic and got to the gate 3 minutes late. Eadaoin followed a few minutes later and thanks to one important man we managed to get on the plane with seconds to spare. That important man was President Obama, he was flying out of London at the same time and apparently no other planes are allowed be in the airspace at the same time as him. So I guess we owe our sincerest thank you to Barack!! If you follow me on snapchat you would have been lucky enough to watch all of this carnage unfold as it happened (username: adashoflime)..all of our friends had a great laugh at our expense! We landed and did something I think you only do in the depths of a very shook state and we exited arrivals only to go back into departures to find a McDonalds. My god was it worth it! The perfect end to the perfect trip!

If you haven’t noticed by now myself and Eadaoin tend to not do things by halves and if our last trip is anything to go by, our next one to San Francisco in 6 weeks should be..well..interesting to say the least!

Hope you’re all having a great week!

Gotta Dash,

Edel x




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