Insta-Obsessed? Nothing’s Picture Perfect

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Hey Guys,

Now as most of you will know, I am a complete Instagram addict but as of lately I noticed myself becoming a little less in love with it. I became so obsessed with achieving this perfect, minimal, bloggeresque feed that I found myself getting stressed over what photos I could or couldn’t post, how one photo looked beside another, was there too many landscape versus portrait photos and so on. It might sound ridiculous and a little bit crazy to some but it really started to consume me and I no longer found it any fun.

It’s no secret that people only present their best side on social media and of course, I understand that, I mean – who want’s a picture of themselves online where their skin looks bad or their hairs not done etc? Pretty much no one and I would always admit that but I never thought I would fall into that category of people who only presented themselves as having that picture perfect life and I think, if I’m honest- I had started to. It’s just unrealistic and well, fake. I was consumed with obtaining this perfect feed that just wasn’t me. People who know me, know I’m far from minimal, yes I would live in all black outfits if I could but me as a person, I’m far from that filtered, minimalist, perfection I was trying to portray. Sure a glass of bubbly makes for a cute photograph but nine times out of ten you’d sooner find me down the local with my dad drinking a pint bottle.

Just last weekend I was in London and because I think I was having such a good time and I (without really thinking about it too much) posted photos on my social media of all the things I really genuinely enjoyed, be it the Le Galaxie gig or the Five Guys big dirty hangover burger I had – did those two photos look exceptionally nice beside eachother or blend together to give that perfect aesthetically pleasing feed? No, not exactly but they were of real and genuine things and times that I honestly really enjoyed. It’s funny since realising this and posting more honestly and differently in the past week or so it’s as if I’ve re-fallen in love with the app all over again. I’m finding fun in it once more.

Now let me just say, I am not in any way blasting other bloggers or people who do have that organised and perfect looking Instgram feed, I’m not – I’m just putting my hands up and saying that it simply isn’t me, that’s not an honest portrayal of my life and they’re not the things I really love. Of course I’ll still be posting my #OOTD’s and brunch favourites but I’ll also be shamelessly posting all the other things I love. By writing this it’s also my way of making a “pact”if you will to not fall into the habit again of portraying myself and my life to be something it’s not or not giving the full picture.

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In With The Real

I’m Edel, I live for my family and friends, I wouldn’t make it through the day without two or three coffees, there’s nothing more I enjoy than a glass of wine after a day of work, spuds hold a very special place in my heart (paleo what?), it wouldn’t be unlike me to misbehave from time to time, oh and I’m a very unexpected rugby enthusiast. Now what about you?


I hope you enjoyed this post, I know it’s a little different to my usual.

Gotta Dash,

Edel x


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