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Hey Lovelies!

It struck me recently that I hadn’t done a “Shop The Look For Less” post in ages so today I thought I would get around to fixing that. I mean, who doesn’t love a bargain right? First of all, I’d like to say that by me doing these bargain type posts, it by no means means that I’m against designer bags etc, I AM ALL FOR THEM, it’s just my bank balance isn’t quite there yet! I think it’s amazing when people work their asses off and get to a place where they are able to reward themselves with investment pieces that will last them a lifetime and also act as a reminder of that time they got that new job or made that promotion and so on. 


I know what you’re thinking “Stop that jibber jabber about bag sentimentality Edel and get to the bargains please”, so here you have it. Today’s pick is of course the ultra chic and timelessly classic Chloe Faye. I’ve searched our good old friend (Mr. Internet) high and low and come up with three options divided into the categories; Someday, Payday & Today. Simply click on the links below and shop to your hearts content!

Someday (AKA The Real McCoy) €1850


Payday €50



Today €30


Shockingly similar, am I right? I’m supposed to be on a self imposed spending ban at the moment in order to save for upcoming trips (Hello London, San Fran & Vegas!) but I think I might have to allow myself one of these two dupes. I love the slightly larger shape of the first one but the second one is definitely more similar to the real deal. Decisions, decisions!!

I’m as always counting down the days to the weekend but this week more than ever as it’s finally Easter Weekend which means it’s time for The Galway Food Festival. There are SO many events on over the course of the weekend including demonstrations, food trails, talks and loads more. If you are around Galway this weekend, it is definitely not something you want to miss. Check out their website for all the details on all of the amazing events. I’m planning on taking full advantage of it and “tasting” all of the wine & food our city has to offer, and by tasting I obviously mean devouring!

Gotta Dash,

Edel x



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