Turning 23 & Adele


Hey Guys!

If you follow me on my social media channels – @adashoflime , you’ll know that I turned 23 at the weekend. For the longest time I was dreading turning this age..is it just me or does it just seem a hell of a lot older than 22? Of course in true me fashion I decided a weekend of celebrations was in order to get over the fact that I am, indeed, ageing. (Sob) ¬†So that’s exactly what I did ūüôā









My birthday fell on the Thursday so after work I spent the evening with my family chilling out. My mum made¬†one of my¬†favourite risotto’s for dinner¬†so I was in my element. On the Friday I had the girls over to the house for “predrinks” and even though it was my birthday the real celebration was that one of our best friends was home from San Francisco for a few days and we were all reunited for the night. We headed to our usual and very predictable spot Electric Garden where we enjoyed ourselves, possibly a small bit too much.

The following morning, in a slightly worse for wear state, myself and two of the girls headed off to Dublin for round two. One of the girls was seriously on the ball a few months ago and managed to get us some Adele tickets which were practically like gold dust. My uncle very kindly put us up and treated us to an amazing night. We started off with food and drinks at 37 Dawson Street which was gorgeous. If you ever go, the calamari is an absolute must! After that we made our way to The 3 Arena (or as I still like to call it РThe Point). Adele was simply phenomenal. No costume changes, no messing about, just herself, her voice and her incredible band. She was genuinely breath-taking. Of course her voice and talent are undeniable but it was also how normal and down-to-earth she was, that I really loved. When the concert was over, our next port of call was The Marker Hotel for a few more drinks. Here we met up with my other uncle. As you can see from above, we tried to capture the moment on camera but not with much success! Myself and the girls then ventured on to a few more places before giving into a bag of chips followed by our beds. The perfect end to any night, right?


On reflection, I think I would turn 23 more often if I could? A brilliant weekend spent with my friends and family doing all of the things I enjoy most!

Gotta Dash,

Edel x


PS. I’ll be heading to the #FashionInnovationAwards in conjuction with Galway Fashion Week tomorrow so make sure you’re following me on snapchat (username: adashoflime) to see it al first!


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