Currently Craving ~ 9th Nov ’15


Hey Guys!

I’m back with some of my favourite pieces that are available on the high-street at the moment. Some of you will know I formerly called this my “Monday Must Haves” post but I’ve given it the new, improved and appropriate name of “Currently Craving”. There is SO much stuff I want at the moment and everyday I seem to be adding numerous things to my wishlist (you’re killing me Instagram!) I’ve tried to narrow them down to the staples I think every winter wardrobe should contain this season..or mine at the very least!1255241801_1_1_1

Zara, zara, zara!! They are killing it this season, especially their outerwear section. This classic grey military style coat is LESS than €50!! No you’re not reading this wrong..FIFTY EURO people! I feel like the phrase “buy now or regret later” applies more than ever here!


This Lavish Alice beauty is minimal perfection in the form of a sweater. I love the lace up trend that is in this season, but I was beginning to tire of seeing it on the neckline of many a top or dress, so I love the way they have included the detail along the bottom of the sweater instead.


I adore this oversized blazer. It is near identical to the Reiss coat that many bloggers have been wearing recently which is now unavailable, but with one difference – it’s a fraction of the price. This Dorothy Perkins charcoal check coat comes in at a very reasonable €55.


If you follow me on snapchat (@adashoflime) you will know I’m mildly (or not so mildly) obsessed with Emma Hill. She is such a babe and her style is quite literally perfect! She kills it everytime without fail. So when I saw her sporting this high neck sweater I instantly went to her blog to see where it was from and I was quite surprised to see that it was from Wallis. I have nothing against Wallis but truth be told, I never really think of them as a place to go and have a browse, but after having a look at their current stock I can say that I will definitely be keeping them in mind in the future.


I think their name, Superstars says it all. Simple, chic, minimalist, comfortable and they will literally go with everything. It’s a bit of a no brainer!


I was so mad at myself last year when these biker leathers from Zara sold out and I hadn’t gotten my hands on a pair, so much so that when I saw that they had been brought back out this season I picked them up straight away. They will be the perfect alternative for black skinnies on my nights out this winter or casually with my black ankle boots.


If you haven’t already noticed I’m having a serious love for all things grey these days so these grey skinnies from River Island will come in very handy. I always find that the quality and fit of River Island jeans are second to none on a high-street level so it’s a win win.

So they’re you have it, this weeks loves! I’d love to know what you guys are currently craving? I had a very busy few days this past weekend and I can’t wait to fill you guys all in on Galway’s very first Fashion Trail. I hope to have a post up all about it in the next few days so keep your eyes peeled but for now you can see some of mine and the other blogger’s snaps of the event on Instagram by searching the hashtag #galwayfashiontail. I’m also trying my best to use snapchat more and more so I’d love for you guys to come follow me on @adashoflime.

Hope you all have a fantastic week!

Gotta Dash,

Edel x



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