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It wasn’t until recently and I suppose until I got that bit older that I became conscious of, and started asking myself where was it that my clothes were made and more importantly who was it that was making them. I read some articles that horrified me and it was only after reading these that I decided to see what was out there for those who wanted to adapt more of an eco-friendly style. I went searching and found some brands who refuse to sacrifice style for sustainability and instead achieve both. I’m hoping that if you are like me and aren’t quite yet in the financial position to be buying your whole wardrobe a la Stella McCartney, that this list of pocket friendly, eco- kind pieces will be of some help. (On a side note though, can we take a minute to commend Stella for her complete and utter commitment to totally green fashion!)

1. The White T-Shirt Company 


The creators of The White T-Shirt company always found it hard to find the “perfect white t-shirt”, because to them, perfect means no compromise- it means an even balance between quality and ethics. So when they couldn’t find anything to fit this bill, they set about to create it themselves. Expect the most gorgeous men’s and women’s basics cut from luxurious, mixed, organic cotton. Essential, staple pieces that no wardrobe should be without!

2. Naja


When I first came across this lingerie company, I instantly wanted to dump all of my existing underwear and swimwear in the bin and replace them all with Naja pieces. Their motto is “Change Your Underwear. Change The World”. They are ALL about doing good. Firstly, they have a completely eco-friendly line, that is made with fabric made out of recycled plastic bottles. Yes, I know what you’re thinking- how can something so pretty be made from old Volvic bottles, and honestly, I have no idea, but hey, I’m definitely not complaining! Secondly, they run a campaign called Underwear For Hope. Through this program, they train and employ single mothers or female heads of houses from Columbia so they can look after themselves and their children. These women, then sew all the panties along with the lingerie wash bags, which you receive with every bra purchase. You can read some of these women’s inspiring stories here. The cherry, on the icing, on the cake is that these pieces are b-e-a-u-tiful. Their playful prints are striking, bold and so much fun. In contrast, their lace pieces are delicate and pretty yet equally lust-worthy. No matter what you’re taste, Naja has something to make you swoon. I’ve ordered a few pieces already and I am dying for them to arrive so when they do I will be sure to share some snaps on my instagram.

3. H&M Conscious Collection


Last but definitely not least is probably the most well-known of the three, and of course is our favourite high-street store H&M. They launched their Conscious Collection back in 2013 and since then have worked towards achieving their goal which is “looking good should feel good too”. To date, they have already improved the lives of thousands of cotton farmers and are constantly trying to make a positive change for people and their communities. Through the sales of the Conscious Collection they use the profits to provide education and clean water aswell as strengthening the lives of women by investing in them. Now who wouldn’t feel amazing wearing these already gorgeous white ripped jeans knowing all the good they’re doing?

“The supreme reality of our time is the vulnerability of our planet”.


I wish I could say with full assurance, that I know that every item of clothing in my wardrobe is completely eco-friendly but being honest, I can’t. However I do think it’s good to be aware of the options that are out there and available to us. It’s just a matter of combining quality and equality. I hope you enjoyed this type of post and keep these eco-friendly brands in mind the next time you are treating yourself!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!



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