Zebra Crossing

A couple of months ago Penny’s/Primark released a sneak peak of some of their Winter upcoming stock. There was such an amazing selection of outerwear but I couldn’t get over their range of faux fur coats and gillets.
There was one in particular that I just had to own. So for the past few weeks I have been checking Pennys religiously on an almost obsessive level. You can only imagine then how ecstatic I was when I came across it in there on Saturday morning. It was an instant purchase. IMG_6679.JPG

It cost €45 which I guess is “expensive for Penny’s” but with the amount of wear I know I am going to get out of it, it’s actually a steal! It’s so warm and feels amazing too. It’s perfect with black jeans and ankle boots or equally nice with a black dress for a festive night out.



Faux fur coat, ripped jeans, t-shift, plimsoles/ All Penny’s


A Sunday night thought to start the week off on the right foot.. 😊


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