Feathered Dreams






Festival season is well and truly underway here in Ireland so I thought I would dedicate a post to it to get us inspired and feeling like boho princesses. That and I very last minutely (as always) decided to attend the Sunday of Body & Soul this coming weekend-my family are going for the whole weekend so I am joining them for the one day/night.
In my usual day to day looks I tend to keep things simple and often tell myself “less is more” but when it comes to festival fashion that couldn’t be more untrue. Sure, if you want you can take the laid back approach but for me it’s an excuse to go all out, experiment, wear something I wouldn’t usually and generally go a bit wild. Warning, this is going to be a severely photo-heavy post!







There are literally an endless amount of fun things you can do with your hair for a festival. Hair chalk being probably the most fun, who doesn’t want to go crazy and colour their hair different shades knowing it’ll be gone for work the following week. It let’s you be that extra bit adventurous without the long lasting effects and regrets. The most popular colours are pink, purple and blue but I think I’ll be using all three, sure why not! Oh and might as well throw in a few feathers for good measure! Next up, flower crowns. They come in all shapes, sizes and colours and they’re just so pretty. They finish off any outfit perfectly and with them retailing in Penny’s for less than €5 you would be mad not to. I was a bit on the fence about turbans at first but once Kendall Jenner co-ordinated hers with her electric blue eye liner I was sold.





Same rules apply for dolling up your face. If you don’t get to wear a bindi everyday then I think it’s the perfect excuse to wear one. There’s something so delicate yet bohemian about them. I think if I could wear one all year round I would. Similar to that is face jewels, I don’t know why but I’m obsessed. I think they’re gorgeous-above your eyebrows, under your eyes, down the side of your face, literally anywhere!

Love On Top







The world is pretty much your oyster when it comes to what you actually wear on top, be it a floral dress, crop top, co-ord, poncho, kimono, duster coat, oversized shirt, leather jacket, heavily beaded dress, crocheted top, fringed top,anything goes! Again playing up to the whole “go all out” theme, I think the more that’s going on the better- mix prints, wear contrasting colours and experiment with different fabrics and materials!


Down Low





Of course, no festival weekend bag should be packed without a pair of high-waisted distressed denim shorts. My favourites would have to be vintage Levi’s 501’s. If you don’t like this look then there are plenty of other options be it pom pom shorts which are everywhere at the moment, they come in the most amazing prints and are super comfortable which is always a plus. If you don’t fancy having the legs out then there’s always the option of maxi skirts, dungaree’s and even harlem pants.




If you are fortunate enough to live in a hot country where there will be no rain expected then I am beyond jealous, mainly because it means you have the opportunity to dazzle up your feet with pretty anklets and such jewellery. The same applies to suede ankle boots, they’re gorgeous (especially these Isabel Marant ones) but you couldn’t pay me to wear them to a festival unless I was full sure they wouldn’t be coming home a new shade of  “mud”. So for the most of us we will have to stick to the good ole responsible and reliable wellies!


Finishing Touches












As always my favourite part of planning an outfit is adding the accessories and finishing touches. Sunglasses are an absolute must as every festival go-er will know. Another item that will be high up on the list is a bag for carrying around all your valuables and little bits and pieces. There are so many options from satchels to rucksacks but my favourite this summer is definitely the return of the bumbag, they’re so handy and they look great-what more could you want? The last thing needed to finish off your outfit is some jewellery and by some, I of course mean a lot! Layer it up, go what you think is overboard and then some more! Oh and if you still think you’re not at your festival best yet then add some henna tattoos, you’ll be looking like Vanessa Hudgens in no time 🙂


I hope this helps anyone who’s heading to a festival. Now all I have to do is try narrow down this list to find something to wear myself!

Wish me luck!





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