Fluff Your Life

I’m not sure if its the inner seven year old in me but I am totally loving this new “Fluffy” trend that seems to be creeping in.  I admit it might be a bit out there and not for everyone but I’m seriously enjoying it. There’s something so fun about it and I think its just the perfect finishing touch to jazz up an outfit. And due to my extensive Instagram creeping (I genuinely have an Instagram problem) I can see I’m not the only one as more and more people are adding that extra bit of fluff! These fluffy bags from River Island are really hitting the spot, so much so I think I’ll have to invest in one, but which colour? Poor Rosie from Made In Chelsea couldn’t decide so she had to buy all four. Had to. Obvs.

River Island Fluffy Bag



Then there’s fluffy socks. And no not the good old fluffy socks we dig out in the winter to keep ourselves nice and toasty. I’m talking about these bad boys. I’m sorry but they’re just adorable.


Fluffy socks




And if you’ve gone so far as to wear the socks it’d be rude not to team them up with some fluffy earrings. Phoebe Lettice did and if its good enough for Phoebe well its good enough for anyone. Yep, anyone. She uploaded this photo to Instagram earlier this week and thanked her friend for making them for her. Can she make me a pair too please? Like, please?

Phoebe Lettice

Last, but certainly not least, its fluffy shoes. I really shouldn’t love them..but I do, I really do. I used to think these were the most outrageous shoes when I was younger and I don’t know what’s changed, maybe I watched one episode too many of “Sex & The City”?They just scream Samantha Jones and I don’t know a woman out there who doesn’t have a bit of Samantha in them (even if we don’t care to admit it). Now, I’m not saying I would wear them, don’t quite think I have it in me, but I most certainly will admire them from a distance and salute anyone who does!


fluffy heels


So, what’s the verdict then? Love? Hate?

I’m definitely loving it anyways. There’s something so 90’s and fun about it that I think its hard not to love! But hey, that could just be me 🙂

All my love,





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